A unique approach to working with middle market businesses that delivers rapid implementation results

Service delivery is a team approach. Your team is lead by a project leader experienced in change management working with a team of high caliber deeply experienced former business operators with industry and functional expertise matched to your business needs. We do not have any newly minted MBA’s or on the job training. This team approach combined with the real world operating expertise of our consultants results in a practical approach to improving your company.

The Altura team works closely with ownership and management throughout the project making them part of the solution. This collaborative approach creates buy in, therefore, a more long lasting solution.

Phase I – Three Pillars Diagnostic

Engagements typically start with a Three Pillars Diagnostic. During this phase, we are using a unique process to identify all factors impacting the current challenge and develop a clear and actionable plan to address them. The result is a ready to implement action plan.

Typically the root cause of and challenge a company faces is not the most obvious weakness. The goals of this Phase are:

  • Provide clarity – We work with management to understand the root causes of the challenges across the company and identify the highest priority/payback solutions
  • Create an action plan to implement change
  • Align ownership and management teams around the issues and the Action Plans.

The Three Pillars Diagnostic can be a brief (several days) review to identify issues at a high level or an in depth hands on review (four weeks)  that includes a very detailed action plan.  At the end of the Three Pillars Diagnostic, an Implementation Project Plan is established.

The final report always includes a forecast of the anticipated results of implementing change. We call this putting a Stake in the Ground. Altura has a strong track record of helping clients achieve the forecast improvements.

Phase II – Implementation

Let’s face it. Simply creating a report that identifies your challenges and provides a written plan of how to achieve better results is what gives consultants a bad reputation. Implementing change is where the rubber meets the road.

Typically the Altura team works with a client for three to 12 months to implement the recommendations outlined during the Diagnostic phase. We create a project team that consists mostly of company employees. Altura consultants guide the project in each partnering with your team to create meaningful change in your results.


We know what you want is measurable results. Each month Altura provides clients with a report that indicates the status of each project objective. Some will be ahead or plan and others behind. We meet with you to review this report and create action plans to clear any roadblocks that are in the way of achieving the goals set at the beginning of the project.