Who We Are

A Fresh Approach

Altura Consulting Group works alongside business owners and management to help them achieve their goals and solve complex problems throughout the business lifecycle. We use a unique approach that bolsters your existing management team and utilizes our Three Pillars methodology.

Company leaders often can benefit from outside help to provide guidance on business issues – whether the company is doing well or struggling. Altura provides multiple levels of services all delivered by our team of experienced business operators: Altura Services

  • Go deep within the organization to understand the root causes of ongoing challenges utilizing a rapid Diagnostic tool and define an Action Plan to address uncovered issues
  • Work with management to implement change and overcome typical obstacles to sustainable improvement
  • Learn and gain new insights from peers and Altura consultants with our Leadership Roundtables
  • Build leadership and business transformation skills through individual coaching
  • Fill existing gaps and assure smooth leadership transition with interim C-level executives
  • Deep Industry and Functional Experience

Each Altura consultant is a former operator who has sat in your chair and walked in your shoes. With more than 20 years of experience in c-level roles, our teams deliver great results that no one person could match.

The Results You Can Expect

Altura works with business owners and management to realize material increases in value through processes designed to rapidly improve performance throughout the business. Our services are customized and results vary, though we never work with clients where we cannot deliver a two to 10 times return on the investment in our services. We can help you with any challenge. Common client issues include:

  • Solving flat or declining profitability by removing the operational roadblocks causing low productivity in manufacturing and supply chain
  • Increasing revenue through implementation of redefined sales and marketing initiatives
  • Driving future growth and value by clarifying strategy and building an organization able to support the vision
  • Rapidly Increase enterprise value to  support the process of preparing  companies for sale
  • Filling leadership voids with experienced interim executives