Diagnostic and Action Plan

Get a Plan to the Ignite Actions that Deliver Results

When a more detailed and thorough review is required, the Altura Diagnostic and Action Plan provides a deeper look into the goals of the business and what is holding you back from achieving them. Whether these goals are financial, organizational or both, Altura’s experienced team quickly uncovers the obstacles to success and creates a focused and detailed Action Plan to implement change.

The process is collaborative and includes owners, leaders and managers in every step along the way. The solutions we propose won’t be cookie cutter, they are realistic, implementable and built based on what your company can achieve.

The Process

Our Diagnostic is built around The Altura 3 Pillars of Success – Business Issues, Organizational and Ownership. Maximum results are achieved when all 3 pillars are in alignment.

The Altura Diagnostic and Action Plan takes 3-4 weeks from beginning to end. Steps include:

  1. Meet with ownership to understand the goals they would like to accomplish
  2. Advance information request and review
  3. On site
    1. Walk through
    2. Management interviews
    3. Facilitated management group sessions
  4. Analysis of data and interview findings
  5. Preparation of detailed report and action plan
  6. Team meeting to deliver and discuss report and action plan

The Report and Action Plan

  • A thorough and detailed report providing detailed analysis and clarity of how to move the company to the next level.
  • Deliver a realistic and actionable 90-day plan to achieve success, using internal resources as well as any assistance that the company may need from Altura.
  • Forecast the potential value creation that will result from these actions.