Consumer Products

Helping Consumer Products Leaders Stay Ahead of the Curve

The world is changing fast and consumer products companies may struggle to keep pace as new products, processes and technologies enter your market. Many companies are experiencing slow growth and profits of current products, accelerating the need to have strong product development to keep pace with shifting consumer trends.

Altura can help you find the right balance. We can help you determine the right adjustments to make to achieve your goals. Our actionable plans provide recommendations and step-by-step implementation guidance, no matter the challenge.

Partnering with Altura’s team of industry-experienced consultants provides a flexible solution that delivers results exactly where you need them:

  • Working capital optimization – Defining inventory requirements and management and optimizing accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Account management – Defining plans to acquire and retain the most profitable relationships
  • Sales force optimization – Incenting, training and managing the sales team to ensure they meet your goals
  • New product development efficiency and effectiveness – Developing and refining process from product concept to launch
  • Sales and operations planning – Communicating to ensure orders move efficiently from the customer’s order to shipment
  • Supply chain optimization – Balancing inventory, transportation, distribution and manufacturing to ensure highest profitability
  • Emerging markets – Developing and refining overseas partnerships
  • Plant optimization – Analysis of processes and the production line to remove areas of inefficiency and implementing lean processes
  • Quality control and waste improvement – Identification of areas of production failure and implementing plans to address these issues
  • Plant rationalization – Analysis of operations across multiple sites to determine if efficiencies may be gained and developing and implementing plans to do so
  • Acquisition integration – Analysis of existing and new operations to decide how best to efficiently combine into one or multiple facilities


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