Industrial Manufacturer

Client Goal: Re-build customer relationships and increase manufacturing capacity.

The Current Situation:

  • As owners prepared the company for sale, one plant was struggling to meet the delivery expectations of its largest client
  • Missed delivery deadlines and the loss of customer trust led to deployment of internal resources to try to fix the situation
  • The customer also required new reporting requirements which led the plant to work around the ERP process and caused gaps in the data needed to efficiently plan and run the facility

The Process:

Following the Diagnosis stage, the team developed an Action Plan to improve output through the introduction of a Capacity Planning Model. This model incorporated two elements: item production and machine utilization. The plan also included a strong focus on Planning and Scheduling, Supplier Management and Customer Management.

How We Established Credibility:

  • Facilitated and guided process to regain customer confidence based on plans, and then actual results. Specifically, gained recognition of ability to manage a supply base and received the endorsement to qualify new suppliers.
  • Designed and launched a supplier development process, including facilitation of two supplier conferences.

The Results:

Within the first three months of implementation, production improved by 30% while order backlog decreased 93%.

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